The game is designed for 2-6 people. The recommended age is 13 and up. 

Steal and Escape is a recreational activity offering a fun and challenging test for families, friends, date nights, or team builders to work together to “escape” the room. This quest provides the perfect opportunity to work as a team to solve puzzles, find clues, crack riddles, and uncover keys & locks. Players are given 60 minutes within a seemingly normal room, in which they must race against time to combine their skills and knowledge to meet the ultimate goal of escaping or solving the mystery presented to them. The goal is simple yet challenging: complete the game in 60 minutes.   

We are located just a 10 minute from Downtown San Diego. 

Your team will have 60 minutes to complete the objective. 

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Test your ability to work under the pressure, improve your team work and have fun doing it! We can’t predict who will win or lose, but we guarantee you will come out a stronger team.